We’re Down

Due to some unforeseen faggotry, we’ve had to take the site down.

Yep, that’s right!

Some fucks based out of Idaho with a similar name bitched and complained about us using the name based solely on the fact that they have been around for 10+ years. That said, here is there facebook and instagram. You can google their name and find see their work and clients. You can see why we are a threat.

Here is the email from Chris Ayers:

My name is Chris with The RAWR Agency. We recently came across your website rawr.design. We wanted to let you know that we feel this is a direct reflection & infringement of our intellectual property that we have had for 10 years, including the phrase ‘be heard’. To avoid any confusion, we are kindly requesting that you take the website down and stop using the name Rawr in your marketing efforts and business. We hope you can understand our position and look forward to remedying the situation. Thanks in advance.

Chris Ayers, MBA | Chief Operating Officer

Ultimately my response was:

This country has thrived through capitalism and competition. Unfortunately its also handicapped by the weak who cry to legal resources and get a lawyer to fight for them. These are the times we live in. Hold tight to this identity, but regardless of what name I choose – my work is better, my skills are better and I dont fear competition.

I can take the page down if you feel like Im taking business from you. Dont take it as a win, come to terms with being a pussy.

That said, take it easy fam. It’s been an awesome ride.