People discover brands and formulate opinions across multiple channels, so an integrated marketing strategy that considers every touch point must be established. Through this integrated marketing communication, we shape brand perception with maximum impact.

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KOIOS is a nootropic supplement popular among athletes. Found at, KOIOS promises to enhance your memory retention, brain capacity, focus, and other cognitive abilities.

KOIOS was just recently introduced but it’s already growing in popularity. The supplement is backed by sponsorship with e-sports players as well as real athletes all over the world.


Analytics & Analysis

Our Approach

Google Analytics gave us significant data about ‘who’ was going to the website to purchase product. We took things a step further to discover the ‘why’ and ‘how’ which we believe are the major determining factors for conversion.

We used heat maps to get details of user behavior or ‘how’ they use the website. The heat maps gave us insight on where people were clicking and what buttons weren’t working so we could make real time adjustments with AB testing.

When we used heat maps with our own analytics tool we could identify when people would click and then fall off or bail out of the checkout process to further adjust the checkout process. This process is about identifying the weak aspects of our conversion techniques and tuning them to increase sales performance.


Content Marketing

  • 36% Opens

  • 14.3% Clicks

  • 791 Visitors

  • $1096 in Overall Sales


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