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Case Study




Lifelong athlete and competitor, Sara began rowing at Simsbury High School outside of Hartford, CT. She continued her rowing career at Princeton University where she majored in Psychology. Upon graduation, she earned her way on to the United States Women’s National team and became a two-time World Champion and 2012 Olympian.

When Sara hit a frustrating wall of injury in 2014, she knew she had to change the way she trained or her rowing career would be over. She began a journey seeking health and peak performance, but the path that unfolded changed how she understood rowing and body movement. During this time she was able to work and study with some of the world’s best rowing coaches, physiologists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, and strength trainers. Rowfficient was born, and under this new program Sara reached her best personal performances both in and out of the boat.




Create a site that functions in membership, e-commerce, and above all else a user friendly experience. Regardless of device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone – users get a full experience that they can login and start using with little education.


After observing current site traffic and user behavior plus reaching out to current members for their backend experience, we were able to create an interface that was all inclusive to Rowfficient.com. Previously, users had to link out to 3-4 third party sites to sign up for membership, pay, shop, and use key functions Rowfficient offered for their membership. This also speaks to the user experience of the active members. For members, we created a backend dashboard that empowered them to manage their entire account from one area. They could upload videos, book training sessions, manage their training sessions, and access Rowfficient’s entire video training library.


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